Payment Methods:

We accept following payments methods

However, if you wish to make payment via any other service or method other than below mentioned then please contact us on Whatsapp.

1 .  Xoom ( bank to bank)
Xoom  (Credit Card to bank- limited amount)

2.  Pay by Paypal balance by Xoom ( limited countries allowed)
3.  Wise
4   Bank Transfer /Wire Transfer
5   Western Union
6. Money Gram
7  Xpress Money
8  Pay by Remitly
9  Pay by RIA
10 Pay by Zelle ( USA) Ask on Whatsapp)

if you want to send us payment by other channel which is not mentioned in this page then please contact us on Whatsapp or Email

If you have any queries about payment methods then please contact our Live customer services Agent on whatsapp +442081441510  and Email: